Corporate Image Apparel

Who We Are and What We Do

For over 30 years, Corporate Image Apparel has been a trusted name in the Corporate Logo and Promotional Apparel & Products Industry. Since 1980, we have combined the latest technology and nearly 100 years of collective experience in the industry to deliver unrivaled quality, service and reliability to our customers.

Your company’s image reflects who you are and your position in the marketplace. We recognize this as one of your most valuable assets and regard it with the utmost care. We have always maintained our original goal: to use the best available equipment to produce the best quality corporate logo and promotional apparel & products.

Our Process

Recent Projects

Bass Camo
Blount Cap
Bride Squad
Chez Moustache
Empire Hyundai
Evening Magazine
Hughes Sheet Metal
LAL Tees
Landscape Products and Services
NBYC Sailing School
Rebel Yogi Hats
Salt Water Bottles
Somerset Hoodie
St. Anne's Hospital
The Back Eddy
Tiverton Materials
Zildjian Emblem
Zildjian Sweatshirt
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